Automotive industry offers enormous challenges when it comes to understanding market performance, brand performance and user experience. This massive industry finds itself limited with information when it comes to understanding the production line performance, buying experience, brand retention and service support experience. Binfex understands this challenge and brings that transformation into this Ecosystem through industry specific solutions.

We understand with all the horsepower and production assembly deployed in this business, automotive industries employ enormous information technology infrastructure and applications to address this challenge however deriving limited results with the challenge prevailing and continuing to pose a critical requirement for a leaner and effective ecosystem which could provide dynamic insights into this industry and consumer metrics.

BinMotive+ a Binfex offering is one of our core and powerful practice frameworks addressing these challenges. BinMotive+ meets these critical and toughest business challenges and more in Automotive industry specific to retail performances. It incorporates and creates the rich feedback and support environment allowing the manufacturers to know how a customer is buying, servicing, re-engaging with the brand.

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Banks have been traditionally offering their products and services physically through branches and ATMs, however with the increase in mobile devices, the banking industry has been posed with a serious challenge of transforming itself to mobility services.

Adding to this, dealing with the conventional apprehension remains yet with banks when it comes to data security, agility, compliances, regulatory and user experience, however Banks have started embracing the fact that maintaining the market cap and increasing consumer's ease with mobile banking are some of the key factors that would reassure they stay in the competition.

Further, Banks have heavily vested in technology infrastructure since the advent of software industry and client server architecture however the industry has also faced serious threats with data security, a zero-day-attack could steal banking credentials if the user uses a particular browser, DDoS (Distributed Denial-Of-Service) & Man in the browser (MitB) attacks are some of the other top vulnerabilities that can threaten the security of the banking applications.

BinFin+ a Binfex offering comes to rescue for these enormous and trivial challenges in banking industry. This smart and accelerated framework enables the banks to test & release the hotfixes / patches at the earliest without breaking the existing functionalities and most often make live patches while the customers are still using the banking applications.

BinFin+ brings DevOps, which bridges the gap between R&D & IT operations of the banking industry by consolidating IT infrastructure and applications across all product portfolios thus enabling the banks to focus on customer centric strategy while delivering their services.

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E-commerce industry continues its revolutionary expansion globally and the service model is only evolving every day. However, the industry constantly faces challenges with the change in varied customer buying behaviors, fierce competition from other service providers and a fight back by physical stores. Since E-commerce business model is solely vested with Information Technology, being able to build and manage an elastic, agile, accelerated and stable IT ecosystem is a certain challenge for every E-commerce player.

DevOps is the way forward for every Ecommerce platform to digitally transform by adopting DevOps principles, practices and methodologies across software development and operational teams which enable rapid delivery of new features and services and ensure increase in their market cap and see gain in their relative markets.

BinCom+ is an extensive Binfex offering taking E-commerce services to the next level bringing agility, acceleration, adaptability and stability to the E-commerce industry. This comprehensive solution from Binfex delivers digital transformation through a solid platform for rapid delivery and support of new few features and applications. BinCom+ initiates release and deployments costs and builds auto-scalable ecosystems at velocity with self healing capability for any business situation ensuring huge cost saving and increased revenues.

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FMCG is the biggest industrial segment where there are high customer expectations, increasing regulations, multi-channel operations and fierce competition which the current IT infrastructure can't cope with. This is posing an enormous challenge for the FMCG companies to be invested in the right IT infrastructure and be engaged with a reliable and knowledgeable IT Ecosystem partner.

In this competitive and diverse market the key to success remains with reduced production and delivery costs with an effective production and delivery metrics analysis capable ecosystem. Staying ahead in competition in a fast paced industry is a bigger challenge in this industry without the right IT Ecosystem infrastructure and an effective strategic IT partner.

BinCog+ an effective FMCG offering from Binfex helps FMCG companies achieve IT modernization from traditional and legacy system environments and transform to lean, agile, adaptable, accelerated and stable IT Ecosystems streamlining key processes of this industry segment. Through our solutions we enable you with responsiveness to rapid changes and evolving market situations.

With BinCog+ your consumer data is secure from threats from all dimensions and our solutions bring the metric analysis capability to assess and improve your performances of production line, warehousing, distribution and delivery practices.

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Manufacturing companies take the center stage when it comes innovation at the changes are quite visible that this industry has begun to embrace the modern software practice methodologies and the advantages coming from its implementation. There is a radical shift in transforming from legacy environments to digitized and modern IT infrastructure in this segment. From screws to jets and from cosmetics to bio-medical systems technology is everywhere and it is only befitting that manufacturers transformed from legacy systems and entered new robust technology based ecosystems.

BinMan+ a holistic manufacturing solution from Binfex enables manufacturers address some key challenges prevailing in their business. Building Advanced machinery management tools, production metrics analysis capability, continuous product development are some of the core challenges in manufacturing segment today.

Manufacturers require applications for advanced machine control dashboards, predictive performance analysis and mobility solutions to meet these challenges and resolve them effectively. BinMan+ as mentioned is a holistic consulting solution specifically designed to enable manufacturers address the above mentioned challenges.

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Travel & Leisure

Travel & Leisure industry has developed at a rapid pace and continues to evolve to greater heights. Consumers demand and awareness has driven the need for efficient and robust technology infrastructure. The industry is dynamic and data intense adding further complexities to the business vertical.

The challenges posed are critical, from multiple suppliers for competing destinations worldwide, outburst of mobile device usage and increasing knowledge of consumers about competitive and comparative service providers, this industry is only getting competitive in every aspect. To stay ahead in this competition and offer price sensible services to consumers this industry there is a growing and compelling need for modern technology solutions.

From managing dynamic data with immense complexity to successful execution web and mobility strategies Travel & Industry needs effective IT partners to grow in this segment and stay connected with their relative consumer markets.

BinTral+ is an effective Travel & Leisure offering from Binfex which delivers acceleration, agility, adaptability and stability and enables your business to migrate from conventional development methodologies in build and release management practices to DevOps ecosystem.

BinTral+ is also both comprehensive and standalone consulting solution from Binfex offering you with the flexibility of choosing a holistic brick to wall and/or stand alone solution.

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