Our Solutions

At Binfex we believe in keeping it simple and effective with a holistic approach towards quality management, service level agreements and towards building a customer centric ecosystem.

DevOps Consulting

We understand your business environments and the challenges coming from them. Binfex DevOps+ helps you understand and address those key 'Dev' & 'Ops' challenges prevailing in your existing environments. Through our knowledge services we help assess your DevOps readiness and enable you in implementing collaborative DevOps strategies.

Our DevOps assessment test sets a roadmap for readiness, adaptability and migration from your existing environments.

Some key goals that you achieve with our knowledge services

  1. Reveal maturity of your culture, tools, automation and development lifecycle
  2. DevOps Readiness and assessment of your processes and their integration
  3. Adoption to agility, cloud services, continuous integration, continuous engineering, continuous deployment and test automation
  4. DevOps roadmap towards achieving integrated approach in people, practices and platforms

To take a DevOps readiness test please click here

Planning Services - Architecture Consulting for defining and deployment of DevOps Ecosystems

You need expertise when it comes Integrating and adopting a agile collaborative approach for better solution development, enhanced user engagement and enriched user experience. With our deep understanding of business domains we assess your organizations existing processes and environments which include people practices, development lifecycles.

  1. DevOps Stack Solutions – Stack Construction, Integration & Testing Solutions
  2. Migration Services – Migration Solutions from existing environment to DevOps Ecosystems for Change Management strategies

Mobility Solutions

Mobility has taken the world in its grasp and has brought the era of real time information processing on the move. From just enabling users to transfer emails and data on the move, today businesses and users rely on managing real-time information processing through mobile devices. Mobility has created the need for continuous innovation in advancement of technology, where applications deliver on-demand real-time transaction processing services to users.

Binfex Mobility Solutions are a combination of Agility and velocity with stability

  1. Real Time Transaction Processing Solutions
  2. Performance Dashboards
  3. Mobility Strategy
  4. Enterprise Mobility Management

What you achieve with Binfex?

Binfex BinMobi+ enables you to enrich user experience which enhance connectivity, communication & Collaboration with a real-time view on your product/service increasing revenue growth opportunities. Some key goals that you achieve with BinMobi+

  1. Seamless integration with existing IT environments
  2. Enriched user experience increasing revenues
  3. Reduced costs in development lifecycle
  4. Deliver on-demand access to information & enable real-time information processing
  5. Unified collaboration